Our Compensation

How We’re Paid!

We charge fees for our work.  We clearly disclose our fees.  No one works for free.  Some persons don’t want to see how much they pay their advisor.  If you want to hide our remuneration from your eyes, please go somewhere else.  We’ll even make the referral if you like.

Our fees seem fair from our view.  If you seek a lowest cost advisor, someone else will meet your expectations.

We offer four compensation options:  hourly-based, project-based, annual fee or percentage of assets under our advisement.

If we’re going to honor our stated commitment, “When you walk in our door, it’s all about you,” we must receive fair compensation.  You really don’t want us taking time away from caring about you as we go around begging for business.

When you see the results we seek on your behalf, we expect you to “pay us forward” to others in your life.  Please don’t keep us to yourself.  Bless someone by sharing us with them.

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