How We’re Paid!

We charge fees for our work and we clearly disclose our fees.  No one works for free.  After 28 years experience, we realize some persons don’t want to see how much they pay their advisor. We believe this attitude leads to unhealthy and dangerous relationships. If you want to hide our remuneration from your eyes, please go somewhere else.  We’ll even make the referral if you like.

Our fees seem fair from our view.  If you seek a lowest cost advisor, someone else will meet your lowest expectations.

You may have heard of an investment company named Vanguard. Over many years, Vanguard conducted a study of the value an advisor provides. They concluded that “beating the market” has little value. The real value of an advisor is based on behavioral coaching, strategic guidance, relational communication, and wealth management via financial planning analysis. 

In order to accommodate various client desires, we offer four compensation options:  hourly-based, project-based, annual fee or percentage of assets under our management.

We strive to honor our commitment, “When you walk in our door, it’s all about you.”

Money is neutral – neither good or bad!

Values reflect our self-worth – qualities we hold dear and strive to retain in our lifestyle. Aligning money to our values is key to a satisfied life. How we save, invest and spend reflect our true values.

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