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Most people seek financial guidance and leadership for one simple reason – they want to enjoy an affordable lifestyle without running out of money. Or, perhaps they seek that lifestyle for someone special – child, grandchild or relative.

“There’s a way to do it better – Find It!” ~Thomas Edison

After my first two years in college, my father asked me to take control of the family business due to his medical concerns. The business thrived to the point where I needed advisors alongside. Eventually, dad sold the business leaving me the opportunity to return to college.

The university offered two workshops lead by a local financial planner. My wife and I learned that all the planning guidance we had followed was designed to benefit our advisors. Beyond our shock at the reality of that truth, had the unimaginable happened to me, my wife and daughters would have been placed in financial jeopardy. All those smiling faces above would have lived a very different life than we planned from our family's beginning.

I vowed never to allow those events and results to impact anyone associated with this firm, Financial Planning Advisors, Inc.

Thought to consider – If it is all about you, you found an advisor. If it is all about them, then.....

Jeff Hicks, President / Owner

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During the years he managed his family's business, Jeff decided that someone could provide more excellent financial advice than he was being offered. In 1990, Jeff chose a new...

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