All financial professionals deserve equal scrutiny.  So, how do you choose?

Try One Simple Test!

  • If the result of your first encounter with an advisor is all about them, (you’ll know by the questions they ask), you’ve met a salesman!!
  • If the result of the encounter is all about you, you’ve met an advisor.

Sincere Questions from An Advisor:

  • What keeps you up at night? 
  • What concerns do you carry around every or most days?     
  • What would provide you financial peace?
  • What would make you feel in control?

Our Test For You:

  • We seek long-term relationships with clients.  From our view, clients do not like “here today, never heard from again” advisors any more than advisors do not like "through the front door out the back door clients."
  • You must commit to collaborative reviews at least annually and more frequent updates if circumstances or financial conditions change.
  • You must commit to visualize an ideal lifestyle and agree to allow yourself to afford that lifestyle. [Money accumulators often become hoarders at some point in life and refuse to enjoy living.]